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About AirFreight.com

AirFreight.com envisions a world where no company has to leave its logistics to chance.

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Providing Superior Logistics Services and Brokering Air Freight, Air Charter, and Ground Expedited Freight Services Nationwide

In modern business, few activities are more critical than transportation, which companies rely on both to obtain essential supplies and to send finished goods to their customers. Without safe, swift carrier services, no business can function for long, yet many firms continue to depend on transportation services that simply aren’t reliable. AirFreight.com upholds the highest standards of quality for all of its delivery services.

In this way, we not only give companies of all sizes a superior new solution for their deliveries, but we also send a message to other delivery companies that they, too, must offer their customers more.

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The AirFreight.com Team


Dan Boaz

Dan Boaz


Lisa Boaz

Lisa Boaz

Vice President

Steve Jansen

Steve Janssen

VP of Operations

Kevin Carpenter

Kevin Carpenter

Director of Critical Freight

Todd Anderson

Todd Anderson

Director of Sales

Frank Llacqua

Frank IIacqua

Transportation Executive

John Mark Peterson

John Mark Peterson

Expedited Freight Services

Chris Noe

Chris Noe

Compliance/Carrier Onboarding

Andy Ernst

Andy Ernst

Freight Expeditor

About Our Founder Dan Boaz

An entrepreneur, innovator, and logistics expert, Dan Boaz first had the vision that became AirFreight.com. Our founder has been involved in transportation for more than 30 years and has had plenty of time to identify the greatest opportunities and most pressing challenges in the industry. 

Dan began his career in 1985 as a driver for UPS and quickly advanced into a management position. He eventually gained the position of industrial engineer, where he was put in charge of increasing productivity and lowering turnover for the underperforming divisions of the company. After leaving UPS in 1994, Dan spent several years as a district manager for Associated Global Systems and then a decade as the president of Vital Express. Realizing that the information superhighway could solve challenges and bolster the transportation industry, he began to develop plans for a new type of delivery company.

These plans came to fruition in 2007 when Dan  founded AirFreight.com. The new company quickly began to change the transportation landscape, using the internet and other advanced technologies to increase customer convenience.

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