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Same Day Delivery Services

Same Day Delivery Services: Fast Transportation Options

Same Day Delivery Services

Need same day shipping?

AirFreight.com will get your shipment delivered with our same day delivery services. We offer the fastest ground and air transportation options for B2B customers in the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Same Day Delivery

Same Day Delivery for all Your Freight

Our same day delivery service can handle all types of shipments from crates, palletized cargo, equipment, and construction machinery. When your shipment needs to be loaded up onto the vehicle and delivered immediately, our drivers will fulfill your delivery order in the fastest time possible.

Same Day Delivery Trucks

Types of Shipments

We handle a variety of shipments, including:

  • LTL Shipments
  • Full Truckloads
  • Just-in-Time Shipments
  • Emergency & Urgent Freight
  • Late Shipments
  • Time-Critical Shipments
Air and Ground Same Day Delivery

Air and Ground Same Day Delivery

We offer both air and ground transportation services based on the destination and your shipment. Our support agents will go through your options the moment you contact AirFreight.com.

  • Ground Transportation: We provide Sprinter vans, small straight trucks, and large straight trucks as we transport small shipments weighing less than 2,000 pounds up to large equipment at 12,500 pounds.
  • Air Transportation: If the destination is across the country and requires faster delivery, we provide scheduled air freight and chartered air cargo services.
  • Point-to-Point Deliveries: Whether your shipment is at your warehouse, sitting at a construction site, or on the airplane, we'll get it picked up and delivered to its final destination. Simply tell us where the shipment is, and we will deliver it that same day.
Premium Transportation Services for Busy Companies

Premium Transportation Services for Busy Companies

For emergency and urgent shipments, you shouldn't have to wait in a queue for the next available truck to have your shipment delivered. At AirFreight.com, we have a large partner carrier network to get to your destination in a few short hours after you place your order.

  • Our experienced and trained drivers expertly load the shipment and get it out on the road quickly and safely.
  • Gain an exclusive-use truck or van for your deliveries that you can fill with as little or as much freight as you desire.
  • Only your shipment is loaded on the vehicle for fast delivery. The driver won't stop until reaching the destination location.
  • A dedicated support agent becomes your single point of contact during the entire transportation process to provide order options, dispatch drivers, and monitor shipments.
  • You always know where your shipment is with real-time monitoring and alerts.
  • Our agents answer questions and provide follow-up services so you have an exceptional customer experience.


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